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Free Adventure Exploit: The Shadow of Flame

An ancient dragon returns to an age-old lair to bind its wounds.

The Shadow of Flame is a short adventure for four to five player 10th-level characters. Although designed for the Feudal Lords Campaign ™, this adventure is suitable for any medieval fantasy setting. This wilderness encounter is best set in a mountainous region within a forested valley.


Ancenagri once held dominion over the forested valleys within the Shadkhanim mountains during an age long forgotten. Though lasting, the reign of the dragon came to an end as grand citadels climbed mountain peaks and the stone beneath swelled with dwarven kin.

Bards of old sing tale of Nógr and Vigr, two dwarven warriors from the Útanlands, who roused the fire within the bellies of their brethren and drove the great beast from its lair. Though victorious, the fracas devastated the land and shattered the economy of the region. Those that survived left the dwarven citadel of Halagar for greener pastures and richer veins.

INTELLIGENCE (HISTORY) Learned adventurers that make a skill check remember the following information:

  • Easy (DC 10): Well-read characters (or those that frequent taverns often and enjoy the songs of bards) know the information presented above. ¹

  • Medium (DC 15): Nógr and Vigr are ancient dwarven words for abundant and able to fight. The two names are not of heroes, but of clans. Furthermore, the Útanlands is a fabled region and simply translates as abroad. ¹

  • Hard (DC 20): A very old dwarven prophecy reveals: The true hoard of Ancenagri holds the key to the doors of Halagar. With the portcullis breached, the dwarves will once again return home. ¹

  • Very Hard (DC 25): Ancenagri is ancient draconic for The Burner of Fields.

¹ Dwarves do not need to make an Intelligence (History) check to know the information presented above.


Ancenagri, an ancient red dragon, attempted to reclaim the region the fiend once dominated ages ago, though thwarted by another ancient dragon, Gullhyrndr. The epic clash wounded both great wyrms leaving them vulnerable to mortal blades. While Gullhyrndr returned to Halagar, Ancenagri scoured the land for one of its primitive lairs hidden within the valley. The dragon now rests, weak and wary of intruders.

Gullhyrndr the Gold-Horned, an ancient gold dragon, guards Halagar and awaits for the dwarven peoples to one day return to their halls of stone.

LJÓTUR ORC TRIBE Drawn to its power, an orc tribe gathered in the age-old ruins set in the mountainous crag where the dragon now lairs. Ancenagri crushed the skull of the tribal leader and demanded worship. The draconic beast granted leadership to the shaman, Geyma. While Ancenagri ponders the orcs and their adoration, the dragon intends to devour all but the most utile to regain its strength. The monster avails the shrewdness of Geyma towards this purpose. With each passing day, Geyma selects a fresh sacrifice from among his people to satiate the anger of the beast. In secret, the most defiant orcs call the shaman, Geyma the Bone-Herder.

THE PROPHECY The true hoard within the dwarven prophecy is the heart of Ancenagri and the portcullis refers to the ribcage of the beast. Within the lair, the death of the red dragon will lead to the key to Halagar and usher a new age for the region.

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