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5th Edition Adventure

The Shadowed Eye of Halagar


The halls of an ancient dwarven empire and its shadowed inhabitants awaken.


Deep in the Shadkhanim Mountains, beyond the Valley of Dormant Fire, a gold shadow dragon covets the great wealth of Halagar and a several hundred year old secret that led the dwarven people to mine the shadow realm.


The Shadowed Eye of Halagar is a vast dungeon and wilderness crawl with over a 90 pages filled with new villians and monsters; exciting scenarios that takes the 5th Edition rules set to the edge!




Levels: 13th - 16th level


Price: $12.95 PDF

Print: $19.95 Soft Cover; $24.95 Hard Cover

Release Date: August 12, 2015

Pages:  96


This is a 5th Edition adventure, The Shadowed Eye of Halagar

  • A hard bound, full color print edition will be available at a later date once the proof is approved.  If you wish to purchase the print edition, we advise you not to purchase the PDF.  The PDF version will be free upon purchase of the print version of this product.

Umbra Warrior
Ahngrin Road Preview
Writhen Wood Preview
Limestone Scar Preview
Iron Giant Preview
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