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Who Are We

Alea Publishing Group began in
late 2001 under the guidance of
Cameron Guill, Ryan Rawls, and Joshua Raynack.  Later the
following year, their flagship
product, A Question of Honor: A Guidebooks to Knights, launched the small company into the realm of highly innovative fantasy roleplay.




We began with a simple concept: bring innovative rules to the game table by going outside the box.  Bring
living, breathing worlds for Players to explore and Game Masters to build upon.​

Now, as we look to the future of the gaming industry, Alea Publishing Group is going back to the basics: storytelling.

In the beginning, there was dice . . .  


The story of Alea Publishing Group began around the gaming table with a suggestion of publishing an adventure that Joshua Raynack wrote for the Call of Cthulhu d20 System.  As we clambered up rickety stairs into a refurbished attic space at Cameron Guill's house, we decided to instead publish in the genre that we loved: fantasy.

After much consideration, we wanted to publish a product to fill a niche that often lacked in the d20 System, as well as previous editions of Dungeon & Dragons.  Our first book, A Question of Honor: A Guidebook to Knights, was born.  

Working on a shoestring budget, we hammered out our first project with passion and fervor.  We made a foray on the d20 System and looted and pillaged.  We hungered for innovation.  We thirsted for glory.  We launched our product . . . 

. . . and made very little.  With still in its infancy, we garnered support from curious onlookers and gamers who, like us, were on a shoestring budget.


However, as our product list grew and the PDF market flourished, we earned respect and loyalty from our customers . . . the true kings and queens that back our expeditions into the unknown.

We thank you and ask all to join us once again as we incite revolt against the industry giants with the upcoming Iconic Adventuring System.  

You've been leveling up for years . . . isn't about time your RPG levels up as well?

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