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Forging the Crown: Elves

Elves scour the landscape in large wooden effigies or earthen elementals known as wayfaring shrines. Others cling to a ruinous past and plague those that dwell too close to the lands of their former glory.

Elves are sylvan spirits bound to the wild woodlands and boast a lineage of minor nature and fertility gods. Ancient Elancai scholars referred to the sylvan creatures, including elves, as the Illvestra, translated as the hidden people, for they are extremely elusive, cunning, and rarely seen.

AWAKENING OF THE ELVES With the fall of the ancient Illuricai, many elves emerged from the fey realms to build a vast empire. While a great number explored the deep, rich forests of the world, others ventured to the mountainous peaks and floating isles to dwell in the crumbling kingdoms of the Illuricai. While those bound to the earth know them as Shadowpeak elves, they refer to themselves as the Sunce [soon-sey], or Children of the Stars.

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