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No One Expects the Cthonian Inquisition

"Many tremble by my very presence. Most everyone has a taint of some devilish secret that once crossed their mind, some devious act that brought them to the edge, away from salvation. And if they do, I will find it."

–Gareth the Somber, Inquisitor

We begin exploring the Feudal Lords Campaign Setting with the 5th Edition rules set of the world's most popular roleplaying game. The first of several previews begin with the Cthonian Inquisition, starting with a new paladin oath.


Inquisitors root out heretics and sorcerous cabals along with those that harbor such fugitives. It is the sworn duty of an inquisitor to find and purge heretical behavior from those slipping from the faith.

An inquisitor understands the duties of his office and the predicaments he might find himself trying to bring a lost sheep back to the flock. As clerics preach and convert by means of compassion and strength, inquisitors witness the power of temptation first hand in a tireless war against hellish outsiders.


The Office of the Inquisition is a secretive judicial institution that stands apart from the normal administrative hierarchy of the Church of the Eternal Spirit of Man. The members of the organization combat religious sectarianism and heresy.

TENETS OF THE INQUISITION The Church of the Eternal Spirit dictates the words and strictures of the Oath of the Inquisition. The Inquisitor General, under the direction of the Omnis Patris, expects paladins of this oath to uphold these tenets.

Suppress Heresy. Seek out the hidden enemies of the church and either save the transgressors of faith with salvation or flame.

Extinguish Hope in the Faithless. The preservation or correction of an individual soul is not a prime concern, but to inspire others to wean from tempestuous behavior. Therefore, punishment should incite fear to serve the public good in order for others to depart from evil.

Confront the True Evil. Fiends and demons abound in the world traveling within the souls of men and beasts. Do not fear to hunt the vile creatures or the corrupted vessels in which they take shelter.

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