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Ultramodern 5 on Kickstarter

In 2016, Ultramodern5 exploded onto the gaming scene. On DriveThruRPG, it earned a Copper badge in a day, Silver in two, finally reaching Platinum after only three months—at the time, one of only two third-party 5E books to do so.

The mission of UM5 was to present 5th EDITION rules for use in non-fantasy settings. These included pre-modern and contemporary settings as well as those in the far flung fantastic future. The original UM5 presented modern and science fiction rules in a game usually reserved for fantasy. There was no established setting in the original UM5.

In the original book, rules were generalized, encouraging homebrew settings and the re-branding of elements, allowing GMs to create a pure science fiction setting or insert rules into their own fantasy to offer a unique spin.

The original UM5 presented a “ladder” system which offered more adjustability with character creation as well as a new lifepath system incorporating backgrounds into a customizable life history where characters could select every aspect of their character’s history, from family and friends to past love affairs.

The original Ultramodern5 featured ten classes, twenty-four archetypes, all new weapons (including traditional firearms, rocket launchers, and laser rifles), New armor (including powered combat suits), vehicles, and over forty monsters (including giant robots).

Ultramodern also included two adventures—a zombie apocalypse and an alien invasion.


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