Before you begin, divide the five types of basic action cards into separate stacks as well as all stress, experience, feat, quest, mana, and wound cards. Collect all of the fate cards and create a fate deck. Organizing your cards are important to help facilitate quick and efficient game play.


CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER Each player chooses one of the ten pre-generated character sheets available; this represents your avatar or persona in the game. The advanced version of the rules will allow players to create their own characters.


BUILD YOUR CHARACTER DECK Each character has a character deck consisting of 2 experience cards and 12 atrribute cards as indicated on the chosen character sheet. This is your character’s potential. Each player shuffles their character deck and when instructed by the Game Master, draws a hand size equal to one of the ten aptitude scores.


PREPARE FEAT AND SPELL CARDS In addition to action cards and experience cards, characters begin with feat cards and a few characters also possess the ability to gain mana cards. This too is indicated on your chosen character sheet. Place these cards face-up in your immediate area.



Refer to the proceeding diagram to serve as a guideline to organize your player area.


CHARACTER DECK Each player shuffles his or her 12 action cards and 2 experience cards to create a character deck.


FATIGUE PILE This is the place you discard cards unless instructed otherwise.


PREPARED AREA This is the place to prepare cards, such as feat cards.


PLAY AREA Each player should have a reasonable place in front of him or her to play cards.


PLAYER’S HAND At the start of an encounter or when otherwise instructed by the Game master, draw cards from your character deck until you reach your hand limit.

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