The Iconic System is a roleplaying game that allows you, the player, to delve into realms of endless adventure and experience grand exploits of the imagination. One other player, the Game Master, takes on the role of a storyteller or narrator, creating scenery and stories for the mind, weaving action into an adventure.


Aside from this rulebook and an eager imagination, there are a few more things you will need before you begin playing. Here is a quick overview of the game components needed to play.


CHARACTERS Your character serves as your persona or avatar through which you journey to explore dangerous ruins and fantastic realms while uncovering secret mysteries. This quick start adventure and rules set includes pregenerated characters to immediately jump into the action. The advanced version of the rules will allow you to create characters of your own.


Each player character consists of a character sheet and a deck of cards called a character deck.


CHARACTER SHEET The character sheet details important information about your character including starting skills and abilities as well as the following:


  • Race: There are four distinct character races in the core rules set: Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, and Human. Each race aids in determining height and height as well as unique talents and ability cards for your character deck.

  • Character Theme: A character theme defines what role you play in the group dynamic. It also serves as a guideline for your chosen path for advancement, each with its own set of talents. The advanced guide details four character themes: Devoted, Rogue, Savant, and Warrior.

  • Attribute Scores: Five attributes define the physical and mental characteristics of a creature: Agility, Charm, Insight, Strength, and Willpower. You determine your attribute scores during character creation and can improve your score through advancement. There are also five attribute cards, called action cards, each corresponding to a particular ability.

  • Aptitude Scores: A creature also possesses ten aptitude scores derived from its five attributes: Conviction, Guise, Fitness, Fortune, Initiative, Leadership, Presence, Resolve, Speed, and Stamina.

  • Skills: A skill reflects an area of expertise and knowledge a character develops over time. In the Aspyrica Adventuring System, skills augment actions rather than being actions in and of themselves.


CHARACTER DECK A character deck serves as the potential a character possesses to overcome foes and obstacles during an adventure. All players begin with a starting basic deck developed during character creation.  You customize your character deck as you adventure and complete quests.  The discard pile of your character deck is called the fatigue pile.


CARDS The Iconic System uses cards instead of dice. A majority of these cards form your character deck and aid you in task resolution. There are nine types of cards in the basic set:


  • Action

  • Stress

  • Experience

  • Fate

  • Feat

  • Mana

  • Quest

  • Wound


MARKERS While not a major component, markers and pips help you keep track of Momentum, a group resource shared by all players.




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