Aspyrica Playtest Documents


This is our official playtest version of the Aspyrica Adventuring System.  While the rules system is not quite ready for distribution, we are seeking feedback from any who wish to participate in our playtest of this new and exciting roleplaying system. 


Until we complete playtesting the system, check here for updates.


What to Expect

Designing a roleplaying system is a difficult process, especially when introducing a new concept such as deckbuilding into the genre.


We are a small company (with a full time staff of one) and lack the legions of fans or employees that other, much larger companies, possess.  Though the fans we do have, we value each and everyone.


We ask those with interest to be patient and spread the word.  More importantly, let us know what you think.  In the following months, we will update and ammend the rules as well as provide free adventures and pre-generated characters that highlight the new system.


We are not looking to reinvent the wheel or usurp the throne, but offer a different roleplaying experience and we need you to get us there.


Thanks for your time and effort.  Until next time, happy gaming!


042919 We deleted old playtest documents and plan on releasing a new set soon.


091219 We are in the final playtest phase for the system.  It has been a long road . . . but soon nears an end.


Feel free to post your questions below . . .